I was recently down in Santa Monica visiting my 96-year-old aunt. I lived in Santa Monica from 1968 to 1972 then moved to another town after that. I now live in Carson City, Nev. and I think I would like to move back to L.A. to get a new job as there are no jobs here.

Santa Monica is a beautiful city and I enjoy walking around town and to the Third Street Promenade, then to the pier. Carson City is boring. If anyone in Santa Monica or L.A. would help me get a job, I would be grateful. All I want in life is a house and a job.

But the one bad thing about Santa Monica is the parking. Traffic is bad enough but the parking is worse. My solution is if the city would buy any apartment buildings that are for sale, they should buy them, tear them down and put up a four-story parking structure with a plan to pay for the parking. Like $40 per month on a card. Perhaps the city can work out a payment plan to pay for the structure.


Allen Ricketts

Carson City, Nev.

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