I want to extend my personal thanks for helping make our first Community Shred Day such a huge success. As a result, we recycled 1.22 tons of paper/cardboard, saved 20.8 trees, 5 megawatts of electricity and 7,332 gallons of water, eliminated the equivalent of 3.7 cubic yards of landfill waste, and prevented 33 tons of pollutants from entering the environment.

Equally important, by taking steps to shred confidential and personal information, each of you who participated helped strengthen your protection against identify theft, which according to the FBI is the fastest growing crime in the United States.

If you missed the Community Shred Day, you can still take steps to prevent your identity from being stolen. Keep personal and identifying information locked in a safe. Take outgoing mail to the post office or to a mailbox. Opt out of direct mail credit offers by calling the Federal Trade Commission’s opt-out line at: (888) 567-8688. Don’t carry Social Security cards in a purse or wallet. Only write the last four digits of the account number on the memo line when paying bills by check. Don’t sign the back of credit and debit cards. Instead, write “PHOTO I.D. REQUIRED FOR USE.”

Once again, thank you for your participation, and keep an eye out for our next Community Shred Day!


Jeffrey Baker

General manager, Gates, Kingsley and Gates Moeller Murphy

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