How ironic that you use the term “whales” in your title (“Bloom speaks up for the whales,” March 7).

Dear Assemblyman Richard Bloom,

I just have to say how proud you make me feel to be a Californian, knowing that you are standing up to the big bully SeaWorld and their exploitation of orcas that we all know don’t deserve their trademark name of killer whales. Heck, they aren’t even whales to begin with, but that’s another subject.

Given the issues that Californians face, such as homelessness, job loss to other states and other nations, financial shortfalls, increasing gap between rich and poor, education funding (or lack thereof) and failing students, border security, labor unions’ power, mass transit, road infrastructure, Affordable Care Act, drought, oh and did I forget to mention high taxes? It is freaking fantastic to know that you are “storming the shores” to attack the orca exploitation rampant at these aquatic theme parks. I am quite sure that the trainers and audience participants who go to watch these extreme exhibitions of oceanic mimicry do so not realizing the horrible chain of events that brought these cetaceans to be held where they are today.

I mean seriously, let’s forget about the educational aspects of the exhibitions and the “save the one ocean” theme that is almost forced at the guests! We know full well that it is all a farce to tote the line of conservation and respect for life on the planet. Obviously they have no respect for oceanic life or they would let these captives be free! (Between you and me, I won’t mention the fact that these animals can’t be released in the wild again since they are too far removed from even knowing how to deal with the cruel hostilities that are a part of the ocean world. Let’s just you and me keep that a secret, OK?)

I know it takes courage to address the true problem in this state and for that I can’t thank you enough. After this orca situation is resolved, do you think it will be time to go after the exploitation of thoroughbred horses? I know this affects a whole lot more people than orcas, but I’m sure you’re up for the challenge. Seems like almost every year at least one more horse dies, all for some silly little trophy or money.

And then there’s also a contingent that is looking for help with dealing with cock fighting, puppy mills, and let’s not forget about all the cows and chickens held captive, that are raised for nothing more than nourishment. After focusing on these non-oceanic creatures for awhile, then it’s time to go back full force to the rest of the oceanic lineup at these horrid parks, for the mistreatment of numerous types of pinnipeds, poor defenseless otters, and if I’m not mistaken, they have even trained penguins to do entirely unnatural things. OMG!

Hey I guess that’s why there will always be job security for you politicians, I mean what with all these horrible problems that need your attention and all. Sorry about those term limit things, whatever that was about. Maybe we could teach the orcas and their type to vote that stuff out? Oh wait, that wouldn’t be quite right would it? My bad, please forget I ever mentioned it. Nothing could be worse than the exploitation of animals, right?


Stanley Logan

San Diego

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