In response to the letter to the editor published in the March 14 Daily Press (“No respect from the city”) the Division of Parking and Traffic would like to provide some information to assist citizens renewing Senior Beach Parking Permits.
Senior Beach Parking Permits can be renewed by mail or in person at the Parking Office at 1717 Fourth St. We know a lot of people feel more comfortable renewing their permits in person, but the mail option is very fast and efficient. To renew your permit by mail, please send the following:
• $2.20 check
• Copy of a valid driver’s license
• Copy of the vehicle’s current registration (the permit is issued for the specified license plate)
• Copy of the old permit
Send the information to:
City of Santa Monica –Parking Operations
Attn: Senior Beach Permit
1717 Fourth St., Suite 150
Santa Monica, Calif.
We typically provide the new permits in less than two weeks.
New applicants will need to come into the office for the first time.
There are many different phone numbers to contact various city departments, and unfortunately some numbers don’t connect customers with the right people or departments. The best way to reach the Parking Office is to call (310) 458-8295 or e-mail parking.office@smgov.net.
We hope that this information is helpful for people wishing to obtain new or renew existing Senior Beach Parking Permits.

Sam Morrissey
Manager, Division of Parking and Traffic

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