Of course I signed the petition to halt the Hines project. But this won’t stop the runaway development, bizarre traffic calming measures, and City Council/city management efforts to change the nature of our city.

Most of us, I think, do not want a mini-Manhattan by the sea. As it is, the coming Expo has no parking available at Fourth Street, and no bus for those living north of Wilshire that can bring us there. So those of us, either handicapped, older than 65, and/or living more than half a mile from the station aren’t going to be using it.

And, has no one thought about the inevitable division of our city? With the train scheduled to run every 10 or 15 minutes, street level crossings at Colorado will be backed up forever.

We can’t do anything about the bifurcation of our city, but we can halt the madness.

It’s called community organizing. Petitions don’t do it. Letters to the editor don’t do it. A turnout of several hundred people, maybe even a couple thousand, usually wakes up the powers that be.


Anna Sklar

Santa Monica

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