Last week, I had three separate involvements with the city. First, I sent two e-mails requesting information on renewing my senior beach parking permit. I also left one phone message requesting a call back regarding the same question. I received no reply.

Next, I was in the parking lot at 1527 Fourth St. when a dispute over a parking space occurred between the security guard and a male driver of a car. I watched this go on for 5-10 minutes with the driver getting more and more heated. I could not leave as there were at least two cars backed up behind me. I heard the security guard request that the police be called. I proceeded to call the police and the operator told me that they had already received a call about it. The irate driver did move his car a little (after backing into the security guard twice) and I was able to leave for a meeting I had (the security guard knew who I was).

When I returned, I asked if the police had come and was told that they did not, but called an hour or so later to see if everything was OK. It should be noted that the police station is about two blocks away from this parking lot.

Finally, sometime after I had parked my car in a parking lot it was struck by another car with damage to the back bumper. No note was left on my car. I called the police as I wanted to make a report. I was told that if I came in to the station, I may have to wait a few hours but I could make the report online. I chose to do it online.

When I did go online, it mentioned three types of crimes that could be reported online and hit and run was not one of them. Vandalism was one of them so I put my information into that category. I then hit “submit” but have not heard anything back (and I’m not sure if it even went through) although the instructions said I would be contacted with a report number.

PS: For those who did not know Rodney Dangerfield, he was famous for saying he got no respect. I understand what he meant!

Mark Kaiserman

Santa Monica

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