Re: “Activists submit signatures to block development,” March 12.

Bless the good people of Santa Monica who went out and got the signatures to send a message to the City Council. Thank you for your time and effort. Also, thank you to everyone who signed the petitions. And we will be sending a stronger message come November; both on the Hines project and the re-election of council members. Hopefully Pam O’Connor, Gleam Davis and Terry O’Day are on the ballot for re-election (good luck with that). If not, catch you next time. Whenever, it’s bye-bye time. Especially for Pam O’Connor. Her 19 years of sending Santa Monica downhill is enough.

And if you were out and about on Sunday (Los Angeles Marathon day) in your cars or on public transportation, wasn’t it a whole lot of fun in the gridlock? And that’s how it will be every single day if these developers, and the council members who are in the pocket, have their way.

Come on November!


Marilyn Brennan

Santa Monica

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