Armen Melkonians, Kate Bransfield and the many folks who gathered signatures to put the Hines project up for a popular vote are to be congratulated for their giant victory. Imagine, collecting over 13,000 signatures in three weeks from a usually apathetic populace. I think this more than overshadows the “survey” of 500 voters at a cost of $32,000 that the city tried to spin as support for overdevelopment.

In a one-two punch, Diana Gordon and her group, Santa Monica Coalition for a Liveable City, just filed a lawsuit to stop the very same Hines project which would bring 7,000 new car trips a day to an already gridlocked area. It’s great that residents are finally waking up to the fact that our out-of-touch City Council serves developers, not residents.


Harriet P. Epstein

Santa Monica

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