In response to Paul Bergman’s letter of March 7, detailing translations (“In case you missed it,” Letters to the Editor).

We need more hotels designed by world-class architects, more visitors, vibrancy, and tax dollars. (Translation: Who cares about the residents who pay taxes; people under 30, people that live in L.A., and tourist are more important than quality of life for residents.)

People that don’t want the airport, want a park, because their property values will go up. (Translation: They shouldn’t complain because they have to breathe kerosene from jets.)

We support reasonable, attractively designed residential buildings. (Translation: We work for developers.)

People should not drive cars. (Translation: Bikes only. Take three kids to school on a bike, do weekly grocery shopping for four on a bike, take a bus everywhere.)

The people that live here are selfish because they already live here and don’t want others to live here. (Translation: Invite another 50,000 people to live here because we want to be nice guys.)

People that drive cars are jealous because they get somewhere faster. (Translation: If you drive a bike but don’t stop at stop signs or give hand signals you can really be fast.)


Larry Arreola

Santa Monica

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