Kudos to Bill Bauer who exposes the malicious way the City Council’s puppet, the (anti-) Airport Commission, is actively working against the airport businesses and against the people of Santa Monica (“Anti-airport commission fumbles,” My Write, March 10). There are over 90,000 people in Santa Monica and only a few hundred against the airport.

Perhaps the council and the Airport Commission have forgotten that two consultants (The RAND Corporation and HR&A Advisors), who were both hired by the city, have shown that the airport contributes $275 million a year to the local economy. The airport supports almost 1,500 jobs at 177 companies that cover 42 industry sectors. The airport is one of the top 10 employers in the city of Santa Monica. Both consultants agreed that there was further scope for expanding the airport’s annual contribution above $275 million per year if only the city would get behind the airport. In response to those recommendations what does the City Council do? They appoint airport-haters to the Airport Commission who actively work against the airport! Only in Santa Monica!

Vote out the council and disband the Airport Commission.


Reynold Dacon

Santa Monica

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