This is in response to the “What’s the Point” commentary of David Pisarra entitled “Change is inevitable” which appeared in the March 4 edition of the Santa Monica Daily Press. He eloquently talks about change and how we should all adapt and accept. He mentions why residents of Santa Monica are getting concerned about the increase in development within our city: “traffic is becoming unbearable;” “city that is bursting at the seams with cars and new residents and new office workers.” Yet he never once addresses those concerns. He never once states if those concerns are real or perceived. He just states we should give up, roll over and “enjoy the memory of what was.” I cannot believe someone actually thinks this way, let alone puts it in writing for everyone to read.

Has he ever tried driving east on the 10 Freeway in the afternoon? It is backed up to Lincoln Boulevard by 2:30. Has he ever tried driving along Ocean Avenue? Imagine the traffic on this street when The Village is at capacity. Has he tried exiting the westbound 10 at Cloverfield Boulevard in the morning? The line of cars stretches to Centinela Avenue. Imagine what impact the Bergamot development will have on this intersection.

We should not accept change just for change sake.


Jim Estes

Santa Monica

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