Samohi students jaywalk near campus earlier this year. (File photo)

Santa Monica Police officers will be on the lookout this month for jaywalkers as part of an overall effort to make streets safer.

Each month, the SMPD’s Traffic Enforcement Section focuses on different behaviors that cause the majority of traffic collisions, including talking on cellphones while driving or failing to come to a full stop at stop signs or traffic lights.

Although not a driving behavior, pedestrian violations contribute to traffic accidents, police said. Violations that have resulted in collisions are:

• Jaywalking

• Walking against a red light or “Don’t Walk” symbol

• Failure to yield right-of-way to oncoming traffic

• Pedestrian in the roadway

In 2012, there were 113 collisions involving pedestrians in Santa Monica, according to official statistics.

City officials are currently working on a Pedestrian Action Plan to make streets safer and more attractive to pedestrians.

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