Tokyo-based retailer Muji is planning on adding to its collection of over 600 stores worldwide by opening a location on Main Street this spring.

The maker of minimalist lifestyle products that include clothing, dishes, cutlery and furniture (think Asian IKEA) has leased 6,300 square feet at 2936 Main St. The store will sell food as well, according to a press release issued by the publicly-traded company Wednesday.

“Muji in Japanese means ‘no-brand quality goods,'” read the release. “The value of the Muji product is in its effectiveness without the renowned brand or designer name. The essence of Muji products lies in its simplicity, flexibility and modesty to fit different life styles and individual preferences.”

Muji Santa Monica will be the ninth Muji store in the U.S. The first opened in New York City in 2007. The other Southern California store is located in Hollywood.

Muji recorded $2.35 billion in sales in 2012, according to the release.

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