The Davis-O’Day Hines column ( “Defending the Hines vote,” Your Column Here, March 1-2) reads like it was written by a Hines corporate publicist talking about the generous “concessions” that include allowing the public to pass through their billion-dollar development. But nowhere does it even attempt to spin the biggest problem with this mega-project — the traffic impact.

According to the environmental impact report paid for by the Hines Corporation, this project will add close to 7,000 more daily car trips after the Expo Line is up and fully running. Until then, we can reasonably estimate that it will add far more than 7,000. Currently it takes about 45 minutes at rush hour to travel the one block from Olympic and Cloverfield to the freeway entrance. Now, imagine adding 7,000 more cars to this congestion.

When he was running for the City Council, Mr. O’Day’s campaign brochures talked about his fantasy of getting everyone out of their cars and onto bikes. If he keeps rubber stamping mega-projects like this, that will be the only way we will ever be able to get around town.

The Hines Corporation is going to build something on this property, but long after the checks are cashed and the favors are forgotten, we will have to live with the traffic. That is why I am signing the petition to send them back to the drawing board.

Joel C. Koury

Santa Monica

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