In your weekend addition, Councilmembers Terry O’Day and Gleam Davis expressed their displeasure at residents’ efforts to overturn their vote to allow Hines to build a 765,000-square-foot development in the most congested area of the city (“Defending the Hines vote,” Your Column Here, March 1-2). They concluded their piece by warning residents that stopping the Hines development agreement will “bring us more traffic.”

It is bad enough that we have an unethical mayor who had no problem with voting to give a multi-million-dollar development agreement to the company who paid off her personal debts incurred in a prior political campaign. But it is beyond belief that we have two members of City Council who are completely out of touch with reality. The really scary part is we are stuck with O’Day and Davis on the council for another three years.


Jeff Segal

Santa Monica

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