I am confused by the direction the city is heading in. Much of City Hall’s energy seems to be spent on activity contrary to what I and just about everyone I know agrees.

1) We need to keep the airport. It was here first and is an important safety and economic asset; nobody forced anyone to move next to it.

2) No more housing. Every corner is being blighted by low-income or small apartment-unit developments. We do not have the water or transportation infrastructure to handle any more.

3) Remove “Chain Reaction.” It is an eyesore; given the supporters can’t even raise enough money to fix it proves the community does not want it.

4) Stop making this a place for the homeless. If you read the police blotters you will see that the majority, and at times all, of the crime is committed by homeless.

5) The automobile should not be the focus of everything; allow for some development for jobs for city residents (again, don’t add any more housing).


Frank Greenberg

Santa Monica

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