I too worked for the Veterans Administration.

I started my career as a psychiatric nursing assistant at the Brentwood VA hospital. While I was a student at UCLA I worked nights on the psychiatric wards. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The staff was dedicated to their jobs and treated the patients with the utmost respect.

Back in those days we had veterans from WW I, WW II, Korea and Vietnam. Just as Ms. Brennan indicated (“We can do better for veterans,” Letter to the Editor,” Feb. 13), the veterans were treated well. Many of them had no families and very few visitors.

During the Reagan administration not only did he close a number of psychiatric hospitals, but also forced many VA patients living in VA domiciles discharged to the community that many had not lived in for decades. Many of those patients died.

After graduating from UCLA, I worked at several VA hospitals, retiring as the medical center director at the Sepulveda VA hospital.

The veterans deserve the best medical care in the world because they gave so much for our country.


Norman Hensley

Santa Monica

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