I was delighted to see that Santa Monica once again lost a court case against the Federal Aviation Administration. It seems like I remember an article a year or so ago that said that Santa Monica has spent over $7 million fighting against the airport. By now the cost must be higher. With the recent article about a forthcoming budget deficit in Santa Monica, this seems like a good time to stop throwing away city money (our taxes) in this vain effort. And, in this time of drought, stop spending money for unnecessary things like flowers in the medians and watering city grass.

Regarding the airport, it has been shown in various surveys that the vast majority of Santa Monicans do not see the airport as a problem. The few hundred airport closers are loud, however, louder than the majority who support the airport. I must admit that the airport-closers are clever. They are now touting the Airport2Park proposal, which makes it seem that the choice is between the airport and a park. My goodness, how naive! The choice has never been between the airport vs. a park but between the airport vs. another horrible development project.

The City Council is so deeply in the pockets of the developers that if the acreage became available the City Council members would be falling over themselves delivering that acreage to their masters, the developers. To believe that that valuable space would be given over to a park is ludicrous. One has only to look at the history of the City Council regarding development — members don’t care about traffic, density, increased trips to an area, or overbuilding. In a time of drought they are not limiting more water-using developments, just increasing them. As an example, look at what happened to the Hines development! The council will approve condos, apartments, a shopping mall or anything else that will please the developers. Keeping the airport would stop another development disaster — just think Hines times 20.

Support the airport and keep us free from more development in the future.


Reynold Dacon

Santa Monica

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