I totally agree with everything Sara Meric said in her Letter to the Editor, “Where’s our village?” published Feb. 5, 2014. Especially the last line: “Election Day is Nov. 4.”

In the past 20 something years I’ve lived in Santa Monica, and for the time this newspaper has been in existence, I have read impassioned letters about how our City Council does not listen to, or care about, what the majority of the people want, but only push their own agenda. Read “money.”

There are two, maybe three, council members who have the back of the people in this city. And one of them is not Pam O’Connor.

That said, people, do your homework. Instead of believing the glossy and very expensive handouts that crowd our mailboxes, and listening to what they say in campaign speeches, look hard at the voting record of each member up for reelection and then vote the ones who don’t care about what the people want out of office.

Election day is Nov. 4th.


Marilyn Brennan

Santa Monica

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