This Friday the Santa Monica Fire Department will be the very first in California to host the New York Fire Department’s Rescue 5 as part of the Remembrance Rescue Project, which pays tribute to those who lost their lives trying to rescue people from the Twin Towers following the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center of Sept. 11, 2001.

Rescue 5’s 11 member crew perished when the Twin Towers collapsed on that fateful day.

The goal of the Remembrance Rescue Project is to travel the entire United States sharing, educating, and honoring those who perished on Sept. 11 and bridging the generational gap for those born since the attacks.

FDNY’s Rescue 5 will be in Santa Monica visiting several local schools and making some unexpected stops through April 2014. After leaving Santa Monica the rescue will crisscross the state making stops at other host fire departments.

Learn more about the Remembrance Rescue Project by visiting their website

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