Re: “L.A. residents moving east,” Feb. 10, 2014

Fascinating article!

Santa Monica may not yet have the traffic congestion and potholes we have here in L.A., but it may not be far off. I think our “leaders” need to think this thing out — carefully.

My suggestion to minimize the traffic congestion (with its attendant damage to the environment and wasted productive hours as we sit/crawl in gridlock) and reduce potholes and fractures in our roads, while exacerbating the parking problem (too many cars), there are two resolutions that apply:

(1) Develop jobs (industry, factories, businesses, stores, etc.) in the Inland Empire and other under-populated areas outside of L.A. and Santa Monica so people don’t have to live near or drive to jobs in our area. (Population/birth control would help also.)

(2) Consider population density before residential projects are approved. Every new unit adds two cars, more or less. Since the road areas are relatively fixed (cannot be increased), it makes no sense to build more residential units where we already have traffic gridlock, potholed roads (the more cars, the more potholes and fractures), and too few parking spaces available. Also, planners need to consider the impact on our already overburdened infrastructure. (We cannot even repair our broken sidewalks and underground leaking pipes; out of sight, out of mind.)

To our elected leaders: Think about it …



George Epstein

Los Angeles

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