I am opposed to the MANGO plan as presently written by staff. I attended the Planning Commission meeting when it was proposed. I made it clear that circles and one way were not acceptable to the community. The commission members were also opposed to any new traffic circles anywhere in the city. Please review the tape of the meeting. It was very clear. No new traffic circles.

Why then has David Martin and staff refused to listen to community input and commission members?

The traffic on 11th Street at 5 p.m. affects the entire city. Parents from the north side of town must pick up their teenagers after sports practice, music rehearsal and club meetings. The Big Blue Bus is no longer an option for the parents in Sunset Park at 5 p.m. Line 8 is stuck in heavy traffic on Ocean Park Boulevard.

Commuters block 11th Street going south at 5 p.m. By turning Michigan Avenue to one way it will add hundreds of cars to the Pico corners at 11th and Lincoln Boulevard. Traffic will dramatically increase on 14th Street in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

Please respect the parents’ choice and the educational value of after-school activities. Our Samohi students are outstanding.


Ellen Hannan

Santa Monica

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