Rep. Henry Waxman (File photo)

Rep. Henry Waxman announced recently that he was going to retire from Congress after serving 20 terms. Potential candidates have already signaled interest in taking over the Westside seat including former Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom and State Sen. Ted Lieu.


So, this week’s Q-Line question asked:


Who would you like to see replace Waxman and why?


Here are your responses:


“I would like Sen. Ted Lieu to take over the seat for Henry Waxman. I think he is a good politician who listens to people, one of the few who does, and I think he would do a very good job in the seat.”


“Ted Lieu is and has been for many years the only state representative to proactively work on addressing Santa Monica Airport’s public health and safety impacts. He has stood up to powerful lobbyists and he will best represent Santa Monica as well as Venice and the rest of the district. Ted Lieu is the only choice to take the baton from Henry Waxman.”


“Big shoes to fill indeed. My main concern is Henry’s successor continues his fight to close down Santa Monica Airport. It is long past time for us to be rid of this noisy, polluting and extremely dangerous neighbor.”


“Bobby Shriver served our city admirably and honorably during his years on the City Council and brought logic, reason and pragmatism to council proceedings, often otherwise missing. I know personally from contact with him that he was responsive and receptive to constituent concerns. I would hope Bobby reconsiders his political pursuits and runs for Congressman Waxman’s seat instead. State Sen. Ted Lieu would seem to be a fine alternative choice, but spare us, please spare us Richard Bloom. Congress is filled with representatives who put special interests over their constituent interests and the last thing our congressional district needs is another individual of that mold and character. Let’s hope with the current drought, Richard’s viability as a congressional candidate will not bloom. And I don’t apologize for one moment for that pun.”


“Ted Lieu is the person to take over. He has been tenacious in fighting for the residents against Santa Monica Airport. He is the environmentalist we need. Ted Lieu for Congress.”


“I’d like to see Sheila Kuehl replace Waxman. I think she would be a perfect fit and we really need her services.”


“Ted Lieu is the stellar choice to fill Waxman’s seat. Ted Lieu has received A-pluses from environmental organizations. Richard Bloom has received failing grades. It’s basically black and white. Do we want an environmentalist, someone who listens to residents? That’s Ted Lieu.”


“Bobby Shriver because I like his attitude and his politics.”


“This is a terrible question at this point! Let’s take a little time to see who is running, then let’s hear their platform. One of the problems we have these days is jumping on a bandwagon before we are in possession of facts. Yeesh, let the process unfold as it should.”


“Ted Lieu is a dedicated, thoughtful, intelligent and caring legislator and would be an excellent member of Congress.”


“The reason I support Marianne Williamson for Congress is that she is not “politics as usual” and she is not part of a political machine! She is a successful person who not only has a deep understanding and concern for the issues but who realizes the necessity of truly listening to the constituency! We need the change.”


“I’d like to see Lawrence O’Donnell run for Henry Waxman’s congressional seat. He’s smart, articulate, and passionate about his liberal views. Having served as a key legislative aide and advisor to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, O’Donnell knows how Congress works and would energetically and thoughtfully represent his constituents.”


“As it would be a sign of the apocalypse if a Republican was elected, whichever Democrat gets the seat will probably be more concerned with the contributions from special interests than what the voters care about, so it probably doesn’t matter who is elected.”


“Anyone but Richard “let them eat cake” Bloom! His insensitive comments made during the community’s efforts to bring a Target store to Santa Monica years ago shows he has little respect for working people. His response to speakers in council chambers that night were unforgettable. “People can shop at Macy’s or Robinson’s if we don’t have a Target.” He must have overlooked the fact that most residents weren’t attorneys at the time!”

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