I’m not at all surprised, although I am offended and disgusted, by the bigotry, hatred, intolerance and ignorance expressed by Judy Palnick in response to the school district leasing Grant School’s auditorium on Sundays for a small group to worship (“Neighbors cry foul over church at Grant Elementary,” Jan. 30).

The bigotry, hatred, intolerance and ignorance expressed would be right at home supporting separate schools, housing, dining, transportation, and restroom facilities for blacks and whites in the Jim Crow south.

They mask their hatred and bigotry by the absurd argument that 20 worshipers will cause crowding, parking, noise and other unknown problems in the neighborhood where very likely more administrators, teachers and staff are on the school site on a weekday basis causing more crowding, parking and noise issues than this small group. Their claim that this group’s presence will somehow be an assault on them and children is as ridiculous as it is repulsive.

The school district and city lease their facilities to various groups for various purposes, including educational and community organizations, as well as adult and youth sports activities. Hopefully one of the groups leasing city space will be able to offer some form of seminar to educate and counsel the likes of Palnick so that they may overcome their bigotry, hatred, intolerance and ignorance.


Virginia Isaacs

Santa Monica

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