Possibly Santa Monica’s most effective leader for transportation, mobility, and community livability is Mayor Pam O’Connor, who also has served as the Chair of the Board of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the agency that builds and operates transit in Los Angeles County. She has dedicated the past 20 years to aiding the efforts of the city in such important matters as historic preservation, our school district, early childhood education, and enhancement of police and fire first responders’ protection of us all.

Because of Mayor O’Connor’s 20 year established position for sustainability and public transportation, and her key role in getting the Expo Line to Santa Monica, she has many supporters (including us) who honor her for those accomplishments.

Nevertheless, some of Santa Monica’s more vociferous complainers about traffic made a scurrilous attack on this ethical elected official at the Jan. 28 City Council meeting about the Bergamont Transit Village development agreement. Their objection was that the developer, Hines, had contributed to O’Connor’s election campaign fund.

All council members, former and current, need and have taken donations from developers and special interest groups. So it is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the seasoned judgment of Mayor O’Connor for the long-term benefit of all Santa Monicans. Few are as knowledgeable about the city’s needs in housing, business, education, and jobs, as well as traffic management and transit.



Irene and Sam Zivi

Santa Monica

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