There seems to be a chain reaction over the “Chain Reaction” [sculpture] and the memory of our dropping A-bombs on Japan.

I never saw our “Chain Reaction” as having much to do with Hiroshima as it does as a reminder that we still have enough atomic bombs to destroy the Earth many times over. The news and the movies during the 1950s through the 1970s had bombarded us with the fears of nuclear war. The media now ignores this still very real danger, except for our fear of North Korea and Iran.

The world is now much worse off because so many more countries now possess the bomb. Our friendship with Russia and China is always tenuous, and they still have massive stockpiles of giant bombs. Conrad’s statue is more of a reminder not of the past, but of a very possible future. Don’t forget that one nuclear bomb can ruin your nice day!


Marty Liboff

Santa Monica

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