Not a single no-smoking sign is to be seen anywhere from Pico Boulevard south to the start of the Venice walkway (“Santa Monica tops smoke-free list,” Jan. 23). Some years ago they were at least in Spanish on those stupid garbage cans, stupid from the waste of funds for those large labels.

I try to go for a jog at least four times a week just south of Pico on the beach walkway. Transients start their day with a cigarette as they sit and chat on the long concrete dividers.

In the summer months tourists are lighting up everywhere along the walkways. Not a sign in sight.

At low tide there always seems to be someone lighting up right next to the water. So please, remove the beach from your “non-smoking” story (there may be a non-smoking warning on those green “enjoy your beach” signs, you know, the ones that absolutely nobody reads).

No-smoking signs should be clearly visible from all of those very nice new restrooms, at least. Almost every beach guest probably uses or walks by the bathrooms.

Next story could be about all of the fools who block the bike lanes as they are obviously just walking along, with an almost empty pedestrian walkway right next to them.


Michael Delbuck

Santa Monica

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