In 1979 I moved to the then lovely seaside community of Santa Monica, away from the canyons and crowding of Manhattan. I was able to find a nice rent-controlled apartment, which allowed me to save and put aside enough money to comfortably retire on.

Yet, while I loved Santa Monica for its people, beauty, charm and quiet, it changed for the worse over the next several decades, becoming comparable to all that’s bad about New York. The same people who protected my rent-controlled apartment and low rent were also the ones who refused to protect me, my friends and neighbors from all the mammoth new buildings and problem traffic that has slowly choked the life out of my adopted home.

What a shame. But I retired recently to a beautiful part of Florida, away from the crowding and congestion of Santa Monica, the place I used to love calling home. Hopefully, the local politicians won’t retire to Florida where I now live and ruin it like they did to Santa Monica.


Marty Steinberg

Spring Hill, Fla.


P.S. I can still enjoy reading your paper on the Internet, although the news is not always good.

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