Dear City Council,

Let me try to understand this one: (1) you want less people attending the summer concert series, (2) more public money being spent, and (3) no advertising revenue! This is insane (“Santa Monica Pier concerts may retreat from the beach,” Jan. 10).

We have a real community gem. Why do we want to attract inferior acts and spend more money? What is wrong with advertising? I would certainly prefer advertisers pick up the tab instead of the taxpayer.

It has taken years to establish the summer concert series. It would be a shame to spend money destroying it. I do not believe there has ever been a serious problem. The people on the sand are well behaved and just the kind of audience we should encourage.

Once again, we are destroying one of the things that makes us a real community. What’s next, eliminating the Fourth of July parade and/or charging for it?

I think a better solution would be to: (1) get higher attendance, (2) don’t spend any public money, (3) make a profit from advertising and (4) attract well-known acts.


Frank Greenberg

Santa Monica

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