Chain Reaction (File photo)
Chain Reaction (File photo)

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce is a supporter of the campaign to save and restore the “Chain Reaction” landmarked peace sculpture located in the Civic Center, organizers of the campaign said.

At the chamber’s Executive Committee meeting, held Tuesday, the committee voted to approve the chamber’s Government Affairs Committee recommendation of support made earlier this month.

Save Chain Reaction campaign leaders say they are honored to have the support of the chamber and are proud to be adding the chamber to their growing list of supporters, which also includes eight former Santa Monica mayors, many former and current Santa Monica commission and board members, the Santa Monica Conservancy and State Sen. Ted Lieu, as well as many prominent artists, architects, actors, musicians, religious leaders, educators, students, neighborhood organizations and community activists.

Save Chain Reaction will continue its ongoing positive campaign of outreach and education as well as fundraising to help with the cost of the iconic sculpture’s restoration. So far they have raised more than $80,000 and have obtained nearly 3,700 online petition signatures of support, organizers said.

“Chain Reaction” was designed and created by the late three-time Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad. He gifted it to City Hall through a $250,000 peace donation by the late philanthropist Joan Kroc. The 26-foot tall public art peace sculpture, made of giant chain links, warns of the dangers of nuclear escalation and has been standing in the Civic Center since 1991.

City officials say it is in need of some repairs due to wear and tear and have recently agreed to fund the work despite the City Council voting to have supporters foot the majority of the bill, which could be as high as $400,000. Supporters of the work say that estimate is overly exaggerated and are confident they can raise the money needed to save the sculpture.

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