I have owned a townhouse in Santa Monica since 1979. So I have seen the changes. The Downtown zoning changes in the last 10 years alone have heavily increased density, creating lots more parking problems, traffic congestion and some unsightly, almost cellblock-type structures in our formerly quaint beach town. Not to mention Broadway at Lincoln Boulevard, Arizona Avenue at Seventh Street, and on and on.

These Tier 3 zoning changes along Wilshire Boulevard at Jerry’s Liquor site and Bank of America at 3032 are insane (“Unwanted zoning code changes could spell disaster for us all,” My Write, Jan. 6). The ploy of “affordable housing” is a tough one to fight. But the truth is the “affordable housing” in Santa Monica is not affordable for the folks the politicians and planning commissioners say are the targets, but a front to provide extensive property tax benefits to the city and state and profits to the developers and lawyers of the projects. This is all at the expense of the day-to-day quality of living for the residents of Santa Monica.

I agree that the people need to stand and speak out. Thanks for letting folks know about the meeting that the Planning Commission is having on Jan. 15 that will further change the future of our city if people don’t organize and speak out against this kind of excessive over development for the sake of the holy dollar.

The people need to organize and speak out or be relegated to the label “the people didn’t care.”

Unfortunately for me, I’ll be out of town on Jan. 15, but it seems like time to get more involved before Santa Monica looks like lower Midtown Manhattan.


Tom Lofaro

Santa Monica

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