There seems to be no limit to the amount of B.S. we have to endure from city staff. The latest whopper was recently reported in your paper in a story about a Code Compliance crackdown (“Code compliance cracking down on wasted water,” Jan. 8). City staff is now declaring that there is a water shortage that is so severe that residents need to be fined $250, or more, for splashing a few droplets of water on to a city curb.

This is the same city staff who have effectively replaced our zoning code with sites of opportunity and development agreements that are growing our city as fast as possible, which grows our water usage as fast as possible. If the city really had a water shortage, city staff would be slowing development, not pushing it through at record speed.

This so-called water shortage is just a new scam to gouge even more money out of residents.


Jeff Segal

Santa Monica

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