How delightful it was to start this new year by reading yet another whimpering conservative’s rant (“What side are you on,” Letter to the Editor, Jan. 4-5). The predictability factor of these writers’ pathetic rhetoric is, if anything, consistent. And for that I thank them! Google “Conservative” and then “Change” — never the Twain shall meet. Fortunately, the only constant in this brief dance of ours is change, but this would be anathema to a conservative, hence my reply:

Rarely, if ever, does one hear a modern liberal rant and rave about women’s reproductive rights, the great “unwashed takers,” those lazy poor and hungry children, or that greedy desire for a decent living wage, not to mention the terrible drain on our economy from Social Security. The beasts! And that outrageous claim that “healthcare is a right and not a privilege” is simply too much not to attack!

So, “truth has no history?” Would it follow then that history will indeed “have truth” once your eloquent ilk re-write it? Just curious, really. Oh, and good luck with that.

As for that ‘’diminished credibility and respect on the world stage.” Well, this can be accredited directly to your infamous list of past GOP presidents beginning with Nixon; the garnish on that particular martini being “W” and his brain trust. It’s that pesky history thing again. Never mind. Now add the Tea Party, FOX and their mutant offspring, and that irrelevant ole timey religion into the mix and you have yourself a cocktail of crazy right there. Drink up! No don’t! You cited the “failed ACA rollout, Putin’s prominence, the advanced progressive agenda … expanding government,” and of course the “federalized educational standards.” Man, stay away from mind altering anything(s). The paranoia runs deep here.

But please, conservatives, carry on. Your amusing attempts to inspire through fear, intimidation and guilt (the very same tired tools used by religion) are showing signs of wear somewhat like the fringe on a lunatic. An awakened and educated populace just isn’t affected by those archaic and fruitless tools in the 21st century. And every time one of you opens that gaping canyon of profound inanities, the hilarity ensues even further. Don’t stop! The overcrowded clown car with your Cruz control, Bachmann’s headlight eyes, and Ryan’s ever expanding sniffer will guide you safely to yet another rip roaring debate. Can’t wait!

And speaking of sleepers, you wonder why “… liberals wake up in the morning.” Frankly, to meet your type on the battlefield and vanquish once and for all your lame attempts to install here an oligarchy/theocracy with a side of rampant and unregulated capitalism thrown in for bad measure. And while your teammates babble incoherently with their thinly veiled racism, misogyny, bigotry, and, yes, religious fervor, we on the other side are actually working and researching, inquiring and studying; all, evidently, anathema (again) to your myopically regressive, self righteous and anti-human ideology.

In the words of that irascible, yet lovable philosopher Samuel Clemens, “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” Not to forget Voltaire, “If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities.” Any of these ring a bell?

By all means, continue spewing your “jokes as truths” as we are certain that the punch line will eventually fall and thud just like your platform — flat and terribly unimaginative. No, conservative, you are not only on the wrong side of history, but of humanity as well!


W. Jones

Santa Monica

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