Will Theisen’s letter (“Bah humbug, Bill,” Letter to the Editor, Dec. 28-29) is certainly a good example of the old saying that people are entitled to their own opinions, no matter how wrong.

I seriously doubt that he’d use the term “non-issue” to refer to “cyclists running over pedestrians” if he (or any of his friends and acquaintances) ever had the misfortune of being a pedestrian on the receiving end of a bike-pedestrian collision.

I have. Somebody pedaling away at excessive speed, not paying any attention to her surroundings, crashed into me (I saw her too late to jump out of the way), sending us both sprawling on the ground, and leaving me with injuries severe enough that the pain didn’t totally go away for three or four weeks.

It’s too bad that some readers take an “I’m not aware of XYZ, so XYZ must not be a problem” attitude. Personally, I’d love to see the police go after all the scofflaws (automobile drivers, and cyclists, and yes, even pedestrians) who violate laws which exist for very good reasons.

It would help make the city safer and more pleasant, and the fines levied against those offenders would help reduce the city’s deficit.


Mark Bartelt

Santa Monica

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