Bill Bauer is absolutely correct, and he isn’t the only one who is and has been calling for the city of Santa Monica to enforce traffic laws relative to the dangerous, bicycle-riding scofflaws (“Ye olde holiday wish list,” My Write, Dec. 23).

Bauer is also spot on about traffic congestion caused by reducing traffic lanes. There clearly are more cars than bikes on our roads, but we have a dim-witted City Council, an equally daft and overpaid cadre of city staff and their outside consultants, who continue to wreak havoc on our once proud city by supporting and approving such foolish building and traffic schemes.

The SMPD must just be lazy, and just don’t want to make any effort to get out of their cars to write tickets, for there is no other sane reason for them not to cite all these bike-riding scofflaws. The City Council should direct the city manager to direct the police chief to have her officers do their jobs.

Maybe that will happen only when one of these clueless, bonehead bikers get splattered running a stop sign or red light, or when a pedestrian is injured by one of the many bike-riding scofflaws and the city is then sued and the biker rightly sitting in a jail cell facing criminal charges.


Margaret Coyne

Santa Monica

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