Charles Andrews claims (“Few bad apples spoil the bunch,” Curious City, Dec. 25): “In the end, Beaird did the right thing.” This is untrue and a complete distortion of the facts. In the end Beaird, the reckless driver of the Corvette, sped through an intersection and collided with another vehicle, sending the two occupants to the hospital. The sports car was severely damaged and non-functional, but the driver, nevertheless, tried to get away unsuccessfully.

Andrews also said: ” … he was surrendering … and at that point not a threat to anyone.” A presumptuous claim, for how would Andrews conclude that Beaird was no longer a threat? The police who were there obviously thought he might be, but Andrews, who was not, makes such an illogical assumption.

Furthermore, did Andrews watch the full video of the chase where the camera caught Beaird in a frenetic state grasping the steering wheel and thrusting his body up and down on his car seat? Is this normal behavior?

Andrews concludes his article with hyperbolic nonsense informing his readers that he will be in mortal fear if he’s ever “again” stopped by police. Why? What does he have to fear? Is Andrews a reckless driver who habitually speeds through city traffic, endangering the lives of others? If this is true, then it might be a reason for him to be a little apprehensive.


Giuseppe Mirelli

Los Angeles

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