Last year at this time the Daily Press wrote about my living next door to a smoker. The article was strong enough to move him to another floor.

Well, unbelievable as it may be (or my destiny), I now have another smoker on the other side of my room (studio). Last night, to my dismay, I actually witnessed a drifting cloud of smoke come through the wall I share with my neighbor! With my one big window, the stench of cigarette smoke was so strong that two fans and an air purifier took 45 minutes to rid the area of the smell.

At 81 years old, I never expected to live in such suffocating conditions in a senior citizen building with this silent killer! It’s easy to say, “Why don’t you move?” But my rent is affordable and I have been very happy, up to the time my neighbor moved in and started smoking.

I am aware, after talking to many people about the smoking issue, that it is, in fact, an issue: secondhand smoke.

My two great grandchildren (1 and 2 years old) live in a Community Corp. apartment here in Santa Monica. A very nice place! I now hear that there is a smoker nearby and the smoke seeps into their bedroom like the commercial on TV.

In Santa Monica, where smoking has to be a certain distance from a building, why is it OK for babies to suffer when it seeps through walls?

To all smokers out there, isn’t it enough you are hurting yourself? Do you have to hurt babies, too? Make your New Year’s resolution to stop air pollution and stop hurting yourselves as well.


Natalie Lewis

Santa Monica

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