In regards to the new proposed fire station (“Fire station bond could cost taxpayers $81M,” Dec. 18). We are told that the $81 million bond would not come from a tax hike, but would come from the general fund. Well, isn’t the general fund made up from a collection of property taxes and can we rule out that no new taxes are on the horizon to pay for this general fund?

We are told that a majority of the bond will go toward building a new fire station. Well then, how much of that $81 million will actually be used for building a new fire station and who gets the remainder of that bond money?

The $81 million price is highly inflated, and the City Council must know it. Don’t let them mislead you. A new fire station, along with seismic standards, should not cost near $81 million. They use words like “the facility is critical to public safety,” and “our prime responsibility here is public safety.” They use these words to camouflage their real meaning. And their real meaning or intent is to sit around and think up new ways to tax the property owners.

Let the fire chief and the rest of those wooden Indians who are ripping off the system with their extortion wages/retirement packages settle for less and repair the existing fire station.


Bill Alberico

Santa Monica

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