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Workers were putting the final touches on Parking Structure 6 last week. (Daniel Archuleta daniela@www.smdp.com)


There is a great big new ugly parking structure that has just reopened on Second Street, Downtown; and for now it has a great view. It is fabulous that there is now a way to reduce traffic a little bit because people won’t be driving around forever looking for a parking spot, But, there are no bathrooms for when you and your kids finely get out of your car . This is a problem for the young, and the old, the handicapped, and in the between.

We need to consider that our City Council and planning commissioners, at the time of final approval of this project, weren’t capable of planning a livable city.

Those involved in this decision need to step aside from our city government or, if employed, quit. We need a break. If they don’t want to leave voluntarily, we need to do something about it quick.

No bathrooms is an invitation to not come from afar. We can’t hold it in much longer.


Ken Robin

Santa Monica

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