I am writing because I am so disillusioned by the actions of Santa Monica’s City Council.

I have been going to Palisades Park since 1947, and I am so disheartened by the banishment of the senior citizens from their center and exiled to the Fourth Street meeting place. Are they not photogenic enough for the tourist trade?

Also, the punitive actions against the fitness trainers. As a frequent walker/jogger in the park, they provided wonderful entertainment and inspiration.

Are the children and dogs going to be exiled next? What about the Russians who come and sit in the grove of trees at the north end of the park? Will they be forbidden use of the park soon? Who will they come for next? It is a public park, and finally, it was being used and enjoyed by a widely diverse group.

I hope Santa Monica reverses its pro-development/anti-people actions and restores Santa Monica to the people.


Clara Beard

Mar Vista, Calif.

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