I’m very much in favor of light rail (“When the train comes,” The Q-Line, Dec. 14-15). But in addition to the points already raised in the Q-Line answers regarding traffic, safety, parking and crime, additional issues include noise pollution from train warning whistles for each crossing … .

Train speeds will be lower both for safety and red light delays at crossings, increasing transit time. The capital outlay may be less by bringing the trains in at grade, but long-term costs may not be if lawsuits due to train-related accidents occur.

I understand it was decided to exclude parking at some stations to avoid traffic congestion in those areas, but in the process the powers that be missed a great opportunity to reduce traffic congestion on the east-west streets caused by the I-405 bottlenecks for residents who work outside the city.

Residents who cannot access buses, are unable to walk or bike to the stations, or who choose not to during inclement weather and hours of darkness are thus excluded from the light rail system, reducing its value to the city.


Jim Gerstley

Santa Monica

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