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Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series that tracks the city’s expenditures appearing on upcoming Santa Monica City Council consent agendas. Consent agenda items are routinely passed by the City Council with little or no discussion from elected officials or the public. However, many of the items have been part of public discussion in the past.


In the final consent agenda of the year, City Council will consider spending $964,215, mostly on a new firetruck.

They’ll likely drop $720,000 on the new rescue vehicle for the Fire Department. This truck will replace one that’s been in operation since 1994 and “is reaching the end of its useful life,” city officials said.

The truck will have a high pressure, high capacity air compressor to fill fire fighter air bottles. It also supplies air to confined spaces where fire is being fought.

It will have an aluminum body, which makes it more durable in the long run, city officials said. City Hall sent out requests for proposals twice but only received one bid, from the Emergency Vehicle Group, Inc., which will likely get the contract.


More asbestos


There’s more asbestos in City Hall buildings than originally thought. Council will likely add $100,000 to its contract with Castlerock Environmental for the removal of asbestos and hazardous material. Carpet, flooring and HVAC equipment replacements in City Hall are requiring most of the removal.

Additionally, construction projects at the Ken Edwards Center and facilities at Memorial and Virginia avenue parks are requiring hazardous material removal.

Only $12,500 has been spent thus far but city officials expect another $104,000 to be spent on the aforementioned projects alone, with more surprise asbestos projects possibly popping up as the fiscal year goes on.

The contract with Castlerock includes a possible extension through 2016 and officials are recommending, if council ends up approving the extra years, that they drop an extra $150,000 into that account for future asbestos removal projects like one at Beach Restroom #24.


Recycling bin repairs


Our bins are in need of repair and city officials are recommending that council allot $60,000 for Weldworx, a welding company, to do so. The lives of the metal bins, used for resource recovery and recycling, will be extended through the repairs. The contract includes two one-year extensions, bringing the potential total to $180,000. Weldworx Inc. was the only bidder.


Cleaner trucks


Santa Monica’s street sweepers and trash trucks are going to look dandy after they get $56,000 worth of cleaning from Qualified Mobile, Inc. If council awards them the contract they will clean the trucks every other week, to avoid “grease and material build-up around the mechanical equipment and underbody.”

The contract includes two possible one-year extensions at $60,000 each. The increase is because City Hall expects to get four new vehicles before next year.

Two bids were submitted and city officials are recommending Qualified Mobile because, among other things, it offered the cheapest service.


More Pico Library design costs


The design costs of the Pico Library are close to breaking the million-dollar mark. The seventh modification to the agreement with Koning Eizenberg Architects (KEA) would add $28,215 to the project, bringing the total, thus far, to $996,153 for design alone. The original contract was for $882,590.

KEA was only supposed to oversee the project for 12 months, but a change in the projected opening date, from October 2013 to early next year, required a longer contract. The delay is due to “unforeseen conditions and scope changes,” city officials said.

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