I wish that adults had the sensitivity and sensibilities of children. The following were written by a 9- and 10-year old; children of two of our staff members.


I am a graceful bird.

I wonder if their freedom goes forever.

I hear the leaves rustle.

I see the geese flying to the sunset.

I want to run and jump and spread my arms out and fly.

I am the rolling hills.

I pretend to jump from star to star.

I feel the rain hitting my face, but the noise is so faint.

I touch the bright pink rose petals.

I worry about people cutting down woods.

I cry when an animal dies.

I understand the rivers and streams.

I say what is true.

I dream of fairies in fields.

I try to help as much as possible.

I hope that people will soon stop killing dogs and cats.

I am the wave crashing on shore.


— Gia McClaren (age 9)



My vision for the future involves no money, no junk food and no zoos. I would love to see a future where people didn’t just work because they wanted more money. If we could share food and just took what we needed and not what we wanted then everyone could work at what they love doing.

Fast food shouldn’t have to be bad food. There are lots of laws about how restaurants look and how they have to be clean, but there should be more rules about what they put into the food.

I would love if animals were treated better. I love seeing animals up close, but I can tell they are sad when I visit a zoo. There must be a better way that we could visit the animals in their natural habitat rather than trapping them in ours.

I’m hoping that someone will invent teleportation, and TVs and computers with big screens that fold up and fit in your pocket. It would be amazing if they would make computer games where your mind is projected into the game rather than having to do the controls by hand.

I would love to live in a world with no homework.


— Soilse Ryan (age 10)


Submitted by Bob Litvak

Owner, Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy


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