Organizers of a youth football tournament in Las Vegas say two teams from California accounted for the lion’s share of illnesses during an outbreak at the event.

Tournament spokesman Justin Gates said Sunday that some 90 to 100 players, coaches and parents developed flu-like symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea during the four-day National Youth Football Championships that ended Saturday.

Of those, he says a Santa Monica, Calif., team accounted for about 50 cases and a Bakersfield, Calif., team accounted for some 25 cases.

He says it was the worst such outbreak in the 40 years that his Florida-based company, Sports Network International, has been holding the tournament, but it only affected a little more than 1 percent of 7,000 attendees and could have been worse.

Southern Nevada Health District officials say the symptoms are consistent with norovirus, a mostly food- or waterborne illness that can also be spread by an infected person. They’re investigating the cause of the outbreak.

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