It is time for the City Council to act on behalf of the tax payers and stop the looting of our city’s revenue base by the police force (“28 cops took home more than $200K,” Nov. 27, page 1). Will some of you please stand up and not be bought off by the police union. I find it outrageous that 28 police officers make over $200,000 per year plus a generous benefit package and outsized retirement packages (at an early age). We spend so much time speaking about living wages. It is time we raise the issue of extortion wages.

Nobody forced these people to take these jobs and I would not categorize Santa Monica as a terribly dangerous place to work. I would love to ride a bike around town or an ATV on the beach and make over $200,000.

On top of this, they don’t even do a good job. How many of you have been victims of crime? I have several times. The last time my house was broken into I had a difficult time even getting the police to take a report. They never even followed up. To add insult to injury, when I requested a police report so that I could extend my fraud protection (as a result of having my entire financial history stolen from my residence) they charged me for it! Who works for who? In this city it seems we are here to serve the police. Time to take the city back, lower pay and benefits and get some service.


Linda Fineman

Santa Monica

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