In regards to your article about police earning over $200,000 (“28 cops took home more than $200K,” Nov. 27). Police work has increased in complexity and danger in parallel with all of our electronics, social media, vast usage of medication and growing prison population. In our society the social breakthroughs of the 1960s and technology boom since the ‘80s with the Internet age, place the individual in ever increasing risk and opportunity.

Police work is dangerous and violent. Once simple crimes have expanded to create a danger to our entire society. The individual risk has increased in proportion to these changes. I stand before you to defend the salaries of law enforcement personnel and to remind us all of the foundation of our nation — freedom.

Government’s great purposes is public works, public education, public safety and enforcing the integrity of the contract, which means the relationship between men and women in their business and personal affairs, who need to be held accountable for their actions. My fellow Santa Monica residents, what price is to high for the safety of you, your family and our city as a whole?

Happy holidays and a safe new year.


Robert Kronovet

Santa Monica

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