How apathetic are Santa Monica voters? The Santa Monica Daily Press printed all the outrageous salaries of their community and no one blinked (“Top 20 salaries in City Hall are over $200K). I guess they are all renters who are ignorant.

Someone has to pay for these salaries, healthcare and pensions for life. City Council would be doomed. The communists who have controlled Santa Monica for 30-plus years realize this. Then they were against apartment owners, developers and corporations.

Now the only way out is to obey the developers, corporations, etc., who don’t abide by any laws, don’t care about traffic. They go under the guise of low-income facilities that allow a lot of buildings to be built without ample parking. They do a traffic study just for their own building that does not account for all other properties built around them. Do they think cars will come from the ocean? The proposed buildings in Santa Monica under the Land Use & Circulation Element with height limits are being ignored. One should also look at what is going on in West L.A., another disaster in the making by developers.

Now the communists have joined the corporations and developers, knowing that they have had a failed policy and cannot exist without them. In the meantime, Santa Monica goes down the drain, people are screwed again. What a shame. Thank God for the Daily Press, who informed us. LUCE should be abandoned as it stands. Wake up, Santa Monica, before it is ruined even more.


Rod Hugh

Los Angeles

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