Memo to chief of Santa Monica Police Department, Jacqueline Seabrooks, requesting a full investigative report for national newspapers as this issue is a microcosm of the national police situation (“Catching up with Seabrooks,” Nov. 14)!

This letter is based on educated speculation and not facts, however, the life experiences of the writer give credibility to the request.

1) Public safety should be a primary issue and it is not!

2) Santa Monica Police Department works a three-day, 12-hour schedule?

3) The most any officer can be expected to pay attention at a level required not to shoot people by mistake is four-day, nine-hour schedule!

4) There are not nor will there be any foolproof reliability and validity statistics to prove this point, no matter what tests are used.

5) There would have to be a strong police union to get a three-day week and they can justify it by saying officers put themselves in the line of fire to protect the public safety. So let them get it over with in a three-day work week!

6) The police union and other decision makers are willing to let the mistake of wrongful occasional death by police shooting of an innocent citizen occur for what they consider the greater good, a three-day, 12-hour work week!

7) Chief Seabrooks knows this to be true as she was chief of police in Inglewood, which makes the Santa Monica job look like choir practice after Sunday school!


Len Bergantino

Los Angeles

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