As the City of Santa Monica’s director of the Community & Cultural Services Department I feel that it is important to address the article in Thursday’s Nov. 21 Daily Press regarding Mt. Olivet Reservoir and Commissioner Phil Brock’s idea for opening up the site to park use (“Scenic park proposed for reservoir,” page 1). The city’s adopted Parks and Recreation Master Plan contains five recreational themes including the theme of reclaiming lost space for possible greater park and recreational use in the community. Mt. Olivet Reservoir is identified among other spaces that could possibly be reclaimed in the future for further public enjoyment. At this time, however, the project is not contained in the city’s 5-year Capital Improvement Program and would need City Council approval to proceed. Should that approval be granted sometime in the future, a full public engagement process would be undertaken with the community to discuss the idea in depth.


Karen Ginsberg

Director, Community & Cultural Services. City of Santa Monica

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