I read the responses of those whose solution is to close the Santa Monica Airport (“Airing It Out,” The Q-Line, Nov. 16-17). I’m still laughing.

You have a commenter who says, “Pilots don’t live here.” OK, neither do the millions who every year come to the beach, frequent the restaurants, go to the mall, the pier, pay bed taxes at the hotels which keep your taxes low and most likely those who would frequent the park you all have repeated the mantra for. So, your point is what?

One seems to be an expert on aircraft crashes and claims the path of the plane which crashed would have been different if the airport had a long runoff area. It was a crash!

Then there are the self-appointed environmental experts who have soot on their lemons, among other things. That one really had me smiling.

There’s one who has been awakened for 30 years. Really!

Here’s a bit of a news flash. I’d be willing to bet that the increase of the traffic over the years on surrounding streets and Interstate 10 create more pollution than the aircraft. That would be due to the increase in population (you) and the increase in polluting vehicles you drive. Point of fact, aircraft engines, by law, receive better and more frequent maintenance and attention than you have done on your cars.

Here are some critical questions. Each of you seem to be intelligent so this should be easy. How long have you lived in your home? If it wasn’t before 1905, then the airport was already there when you bought your home. There are pilots who have had their planes there longer than you have been there. After you bought your home, one day did you walk into your back yard and think, OMG an airport? How would you feel if the long-time pilots, many of whom have been there decades longer than most of you, decided houses were a danger and wanted you to have eminent domain used on you?

I’ll agree with your park idea if you agree to one thing. Have the city do an audit of the total income derived from the airport being there. Once that is done, create a special taxing district made up of all of you. Divide the lost income evenly amongst each of you and add it to your property tax.

P.S. I’m not a pilot. However, being a member of one of the founding families, who likely would not appreciate your houses, I know a bit about the city and its history.


John Miehle

Cape Coral, Fla.

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